Friday, February 1, 2013

I'll Try To Use My Words

If I'm being totally honest here, the real earworm of the past couple of months is the theme song from Go Diego Go! Bug is a toddler obsessed. And Hubby and I are going insane. I am so sick of Diego's high-pitched excitement over rescuing baby animals (one day that jaguar is gonna grow up and eat you, Diego) from ridiculous situations that they shouldn't have gotten themselves into in the first place that I refuse to let him have an entire post to himself. Take that, Diego! I do however enjoy the "rescue pack mambo," and have been known to force Bug to shake his tail feathers with me whenever it comes on. Which is OFTEN. Bug usually just yells "MOVE!" so he can see the TV. Ah, quality family time...

Fun Friday factoid: Rosie Perez is the voice of la camara in Go Diego Go! She sings the same song every episode. It makes me want to shoot things. With a gun. Not with a camera.

Moving on. What's really important today is that the Super Bowl is coming up, which means the Super Bowl halftime show is coming up, which means Beyonce. Will she be singing live or won't she?!? She says yes, definitely. Just talked to her. But in the meantime, there is this. And I am so, so, SO thankful for this. So, yeah, go team (watch out for that tight end penetration, y'all) and pass me the nachos. I think Beyonce's gonna win it this year.