Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What I Know, I Can't Do

So, last night Hubby and I finished up part two of the Martin Scorsese documentary about George Harrison, Living in the Material World. (I can't help it, that title just instantly conjures the Madonna song for me.) But this is not a post about Madonna, because there are just too many awesome George Harrison songs on All Things Must Pass (a major focus of the film) to have stuck in my ear right now. But before I get to the earworm du jour I have to say that I am astonished at how little I actually knew about "the quiet Beatle," considering my obsession with these guys for so long. I mean, I know the major solo hits, and The Traveling Wilburys were the jam, and I definitely think it's time to read Pattie Boyd's autobiography, but his midnight gardening tendencies, his random hoarding of ukuleles, the film company he started for Monty Python just because he wanted to see The Life of Brian and no major studio would produce such blasphemous material (stupid EMI.) These tidbits are all new to me. I mean, I must have watched that movie 800 plus times and never made the connection. And he's even IN the damn movie! How did I miss this?! And here's a fun trivia fact: HandMade Films is still making movies today. Yep.

Anyway, What is Life is the pick of the day, a great song, and sooooo catchy. And here's another fun factoid (I know, two in one post, so exciting!) Olivia Newton John had a UK hit with her version in 1972. Sans leotards and leg warmers. Also, this "pop-anthem" has made it to a lot of movie soundtracks (I'm pretty sure you could play the Kevin Bacon game with it, see previous post) and has been much debated in its meaning. Love for a woman or love for God? Well, either way, it's just a damn good track and there's no point in saying anything more than that. Just listen. Repeatedly.

And if you watch the film, be on the lookout for an intensely odd looking Phil Spector (and his Wall of Sound...and his toupee.) It's one of the highlights, for sure.

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