Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Hope It Don't Kill You

OK, so really this was yesterday's earworm and would have been much more appropriate for a Monday, but I hate Mondays and couldn't get motivated and so I'm late. But I'm always late, so really everything is normal. And besides, none of you care anyway.

So, thanks to Hubby the earworm of the day is Welcome to the Working Week by the ever brilliant Elvis Costello. Elvis. Where to even start? The list of amazing songs by this "pop encyclopedia" is just too long to delve into in this itty bitty bloggy. At one point in time, This Years Model was a constant in my CD player. My first year of college I forced all of my new Phish-loving-wanna-be-hippy friends to listen to it in the vain hope of saving their musical taste. I think I got through to a few of them, but let's face it, if you have to be forced to see the genius that is Elvis Costello, well, you're probably too far gone to be saved. So in an effort to be brief, here's my list of:
Top 5 Reasons To Love Elvis (Costello, not the other one, although he's good too.)
  1. All of his music (OK, that one's a bit of a cheat.)
  2. His glasses.
  3. He's married to Diana Krall (and she rules.)
  4. He wrote a bunch of songs with Sir Paul.
  5. His work with the Jazz Foundation of America to save the homes and the lives of America's elderly jazz and blues musicians, including musicians who survived Hurricane Katrina         (Ctrl C + Ctrl V = thanks Wikipedia.)
As for the song, it's catchy, poppy, upbeat and yet the lyrics are about something real (unlike so much pop fluff today, she says rolling her eyes with her nose in the air.) But, there's also this (and I know not everyone clicks on these links, but please, just do it.) Now, I'm not sure what's happening here, or what this is supposed to represent, or what on earth it has to do with the song, but I think I like it. I think. I'm not sure why these kids chose this song, but hey man, they're making art, so it's cool. NOT!!! What the f**k is happening here??? They look like a bunch of Teletubbies in an orgy gone wrong! Oy! So if you can figure that one out, you're a wiser man than I. Also, I'm not a man.

So this video gives you more than just the one tune (you're welcome) and I thought it was a better representation of his character than a video of him hocking a new album on Letterman. Dig?

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