Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Wrote A Song For You

A certain someone who will remain nameless by request (hint: he lives in my house and is over the age of two) is responsible for this morning's earworm. I don't know why this person is embarrassed to admit this song is stuck in his head, I mean the bizarre and random selection is what makes earworms so fun! But I promised to be sensitive to his request, so Hubby's name will not appear anywhere in this post.



Well, moving on. Coldplay's Yellow is today's tune despite the fact that there are a total of zero Coldplay records in our house and I'm pretty sure Hubby doesn't listen to the radio. The first time I remember hearing this song I was sitting on a bus full of strangers driving through Spanish countryside. I know, it sounds like I'm making this up. The yellow sun was shining on some fields and they were in fact, a little bit anyway, "all yellow," so I thought the song had some deep, intuitive meaning for me at the time. What that meaning was, I don't recall, so clearly I was incorrect. More recently GrandPop saw an interview with them on 60 Minutes and decided he liked this crazy new rock n' roll band. I bought him a CD for his next birthday. It remains unopened. Yes, I realize this is a fascinating story, but my point is I believe this band's music to be really interesting and lovely for a moment and then you can totally forget they exist and move on to getting drunk on Spanish wine. Or any wine of your choosing really.

Fun factoid of the day (even though it's not Friday:) The song is titled Yellow because Chris Martin happened to glance at a copy of the Yellow Pages in the studio when they were recording.  It could just as easily have been called Playboy. This sad truth makes me feel a little better that I never bothered to delve too deep into the lyrics to find that meaning I was looking for...pass me the wine.

This video is boring and not at all yellow. Go figure.

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