Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ah Ah Ah AAAHHHH Ah...

This is totally the sound of my soul, y'all. Yep.

You know, I started off with something else stuck in my head this morning. The song Human by The Human League (not sure what's making them SO sad, their lack of originality in titling things or the weight of their earrings) is on some commercial at the moment and I woke up singing it this morning.  But somehow that has now morphed into Spandau Ballet's True. Didn't Tears for Fears cover this song? Anyway, clearly the most bizarre thing about these guys (aside from the fact that they're still around) is the name of their band. What the heck does Spandau Ballet mean? Well, I'll tell you. You knew I would.

So they started out as The Cut (should've stopped there in my opinion,) then for a brief period they were The Makers (OK, not too shabby,) but changed their name again when a friend of theirs saw the words 'Spandau Ballet' scrawled on the wall of a nightclub bathroom in Berlin. So basically, they found their name in the toilet. Hmm. But wait, there's more! This name refers to Spandau Prison and the many suicides by hanging there. The victims were said to twitch and jump at the end of a rope, in some sort of morbid dance. How uplifting! And so, for whatever reason, the name stuck. Despite the fact that as far as I can tell their only real German link is that they liked to hang out in clubs and listen to Kraftwerk. Right.

It's a tough call deciding what I like best about this video. The cheesiness of dude's over dramatic lipsynching in split screen, or the totally unnecessary sax solo in split screen. Or the hexagonal drums. I give up. You decide.