Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It Is Time For You To Laugh Instead Of Crying

Today we had one of those mornings. I was running late, Hubby was, uhm, "indisposed" (read "on the pooper") for an exceptionally long time, the dogs were barking non-stop at their own tails, and Bug was whining and crying about needing me to hold him, feed him and play race cars with him all at the same time, as I stood helpless, with nothing on but a towel dripping shower water all over everything. I still don't know what the hell Bug was on about, but almost immediately Stop Your Sobbing popped into my head and temporarily drowned out all the chaos. Thank you, Chrissie Hynde. Thank you.

So, I know this is a cover of a Kinks song (Ray Davies and Chrissie actually have a kid together) but, The Pretenders. Chrissie Hynde. There's so much to love here that I just don't know where to start. For one thing the Pretenders were one of the best rock shows I was ever lucky enough to see. And they played my hometown, no less! And with the B-52's. If you were there, you remember. We had fun. No doubt. As in, there was no doubt about the amount of fun being had, not as in Gwen Stefani. Anyway, I'm getting off topic here. My main point is that this lady rocks, her voice is hands down my favorite of any female rock/punk artist, and she's collaborated with just about everybody you can think of from Morrisey to Sheryl Crow, and Frank Sinatra to Bruce Willis. (Note to self: Check out the movie Rugrats Go Wild with Bug for a chance to see her voice an animated clouded leopard and duet with Willis.) Also she was on an episode of Friends. So, you know, she can check that one off the list.

But I think the best thing I learned about her today, even better than the fact that she once asked Sid Vicious to marry her so she could get a British work permit, or that she was actually attending Kent State during the shootings, or even that despite an ever-rotating list of band mates due to drug addictions and overdoses she kept the Pretenders band name alive, is her connection to Rush Limbaugh. Yep. So, apparently ole Rush had been using an unedited instrumental version of her song My City Was Gone for years until EMI caught wind of it and issued a cease and desist order. Eventually Chrissie heard of it to and decided that since her parents loved Rush Limbaugh's show that she didn't mind it's use. So for an annual payment fee of $100,000 Rush gets to use the song. And the $100,000? Yeah, Chrissie donates the lot to PETA. Ha! I don't know, maybe Rush is an animal lover too, but I seriously doubt he's even remotely vegetarian or has ever given any of his own dimes to such a loved-by-ultra-liberals-everywhere organization. Chrissie - 1, Rush - 0.

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