Friday, September 27, 2013

Please Don't Take Him Just Because You Can

Dare I do it? Dare I be so bold as to put a post on this totally insignificant spec of the Interwebs about the ultimate goddess (at least this week) of Crazy? Oh heck, why not. Miley Cyrus. I'm going there.

So, like many of us middle aged folks with actual musical taste, I can safely say that I didn't know a thing about Miley until the infamous twerking incident on last month's VMAs. I don't even need to link the video. We've all seen it. But what's even more amazing is that apparently it was even worse than we thought. MTV had to edit almost everything she did, so what we did see was apparently considered tame. Oy vey. Anyway, I didn't grow up watching her and Billy Ray on whatever ridiculous show that was and I don't think I'd ever heard her sing anything before and if I did I wouldn't have known it was her anyway and if someone had told me I would have said "who?" or "stop talking" or "turn this awful shit down!" All that being said, the girl can actually sing. Too bad she spends so much time with her tongue hanging out of her mouth. As my voice teacher used to always say "you'll never be able to get into your head voice if you're straddling a wrecking ball in the buff with your tongue dangling around your ankles. Also, use your diaphragm."

Anyway, thanks to spending way too much time trolling Facebook on a regular basis, I was introduced to Miley in a whole new light. And, by Jehovah, she's wearing clothes! The "Backyard Sessions" took place in the summer of 2012 and feature Miley and her band playing some covers of her favorite songs. It's well done, the band sounds good (and they're cute!), the setting is lovely, and most importantly I discovered that Miley Cyrus is a singer. Who knew? There are several songs featured here that got great reviews, but the one that's sticking out for me is her cover of Jolene. It's hard to outdo the original by the fantabulous Dolly Parton (who, fun Friday factoid, just so happens to be Miss Miley's godmother!) but I think her raspy/crisp vocals do it justice. As my voice teacher used to always say "no one will care about you belting covers in your backyard unless you used to be Hannah Montana. Also, wrinkling your forehead won't help you hit the high notes."

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