Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Baby Shot Me Down

OK. Time to get back to normal. After all the sickness, and sprained ankles, and bummer birthdays spent hopping on one foot chasing a toddler with a fever and the runniest nose on earth, I am returning to the blogosphere in an attempt to feel like things are back on track. Of course, things aren't, but it's time to fake it 'til I make it. So here goes.

Nancy Sinatra's Bang Bang is a damn sexy song. Loving it. But why is it stuck in my head? Well I'll tell you (you knew I would!) Limping around at work today I stumbled upon our latest magazines waiting to be put out for the information starved public, and I happened upon the December issue of Dance Spirit (homeless people can't get enough of this one.) On the cover of this magazine (that no one reading this blog probably even knew existed,) are the two latest winners from So You Think You Can Dance (a show no one reading this blog probably ever watches.) The girl, Eliana Girard (not that anyone cares) is a ballet dancer whose most memorable moment on the show was when she danced a very sultry number to this song. And yes, I remembered that immediately when seeing her on the cover of the magazine. Because I do actually watch that show and know who this girl is. You can make fun if you like. I'm used to it (Hubby!) And she's awesome, so she probably doesn't care about your opinion either. So there. So there's today's earworm explained. You can all go back to what you were doing now. But first you'll want to watch Nancy in all her pink-fringed glory sing this song. She makes it look so easy. What a bitch.

So, it seems her fringe-matching pink boots weren't actually made for walking, but for rolling comically off stage after her performance. An interesting choice. I'm not sure I get it. The SYTYCD judges would most definitely not approve. "Nancy, we really expect a higher level of performance from you at this stage of the competition. I'm afraid we will not be asking you to stay. YOU'RE FIRED!" Oh wait...wrong show. Whatever.


  1. Oddly, my dad used to sing this song to me and my sister when we were little girls. I had somewhat forgotten about it until I heard it in the movie Kill Bill. And I was, like, OMG, I KNOW THIS SONG! Um, thanks, Dad?

  2. Uhm, that's kind of a strange pic for a lullaby?!